Inorganic Chemistry 101

I love lots of chemicals. The ones that preserve my food, mold my tennis shoes, make my lotion smell good, run my car, you name it.  I also love the ones that have been coloring my hair faithfully for the last 7+ years. Mostly red, but black, blonde, every shade of brown, and even green once.

(yes the green was intentional)

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was coloring my hair and my fiance stopped by. As soon as he caught a whiff of the fumes in the bathroom he started coughing.  “Doesn’t that hurt your nose?” he asked me. “Well yeah, but you get used to it.” Was my nonchalant reply. Then, cliche as it might be, something clicked that I hadn’t really thought about before: how am I ok with this?

I mean, this stuff’ll make your eyes water, and every time I inhale I can feel my nose hair shrivel up a little more. I generally use two packages of dye, since my hair is so long and thick, so the long application time means every so often I have to step outside the bathroom to get a breath of fresh air.

(Over the last 7 years, I’ve inhaled (possibly) harmful chemicals roughly 87 times in the name of beauty. No good.)

However, I’m also not willing to give up on red hair. It’s just so me I don’t want to stop dyeing it, even if it is really bad for me & my hair. So I did some research, and I ordered some Henna dye, and I will try that out, and let you know how it goes.


2 responses

  1. My friend used henna to redden her hair and it looks fabulous! If only my hair weren’t naturally “dyed” to the max…although it’s supposed to be a super-deep conditioner too, so maybe I’d just try it for that!

    P.S. Um, you have a blog? Love it! -maybe we should collab on this too-

    • Thanks! I have nearly processed my hair into oblivion, especially this year, I’ll have to post something about that here in a bit.

      Also, yes! if you have any ideas, let me know for sure.

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