Thrifty Stuff

One of my favorite camera accessory stores, PhotoJojo, posted their new camera strap necktie exactly a week after my camera strap clasp broke. I think this is a really cute idea, but after seeing the $30 price tag, my first thought was ‘I can make that!’ Seriously, even buying a new necktie make in to a strap would be a cheaper option.

I still definitely plan on making this strap, especially for shooting weddings, but since I’m trying to save money for the wedding, and the fiance does not have any ties he’s willing to donate to the cause, I decided to make my own camera strap from stuff I already own.

I more or less followed this blog post, except for the end because I don’t have jump rings or clasps. I used some square rings off an old purse, and the fabric is a strip from a skirt I love, but is way to short. Once the rings were attached, I had to figure out how to get the strap to attach to the camera. Since I didn’t want to buy any parts, and my old camera strap clasp broke, I decided tying it on would be the best option.

Using quadruple thickness embroidery thread, I tied a reef knot (or my closest approximation of one) to each end. I used the extra length of embroidery thread to tie a bow.

The flowery fabric plus the bow is a little more girly than I like, I’d love to use a black and white graphic fabric with red thread or something. But, this is perfectly functional, and didn’t cost me a dime! (plus, you can do it in about an hour, too).


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