Its like a circus in here

I keep thinking about how cool it would be to do a 365 photo project, and then I remind myself I can barely get through a 30 day photo project. I did a 365 photo project for over half the year using a camera app on my phone I really  liked, then about 7 months into the year they reorganized their app and it was really hard to keep track of, so my enthusiasm petered out.

Anyway, I’ve talked myself into wanting to do a 365 photo project next year – maybe a self portrait one? To remind myself that this is never going to work, I’m making myself do a little 30 day project starting today. Mid October might be a weird time to start a 30 day project, but as I’m already impatient to start my non-existent 365 project, there’s no way I’m waiting 2 weeks to start a 30 day one.

Side note- you should be inside my head right now. Superego and Id have run amok, while Ego is passed out in the corner. Who knows what’ll happen next.


2 responses

  1. As someone who’s coming up on the end of a 365-self portrait project, I honestly have to say…Don’t do it. At least not the way I did it, with an actual DSLR, shooting mostly in RAW and therefore having to post-process, attempting to post each and every picture, etc. etc. I feel like such a project might be much more achievable with the assistance of intelligent cellular telephones and all the applications therein, but I have none of that and thus my 365 was grueling. Rewarding, yes, but I am…so glad to be done.

    Side note, your side note is hilarious and I feel this way…ALL THE TIME.

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